The Princess Heather

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Found an egg?
Send email to:
and give the secret code. I'll tell you where OTHER eggs are hidden!

What is this all about?

Hello! My name is, well, Princess Heather!

I thought it might be fun to hide some Easter Eggs and let people go and find them.
To make it even more interesting, I am putting CASH in those eggs!

What do I want from you?

To keep this fun for me also, all I'm asking is that you make a video of yourself finding the eggs, and then posting that video as a reply on this site or YouTube (in response to my video hiding it).
If you can do that for me, then I'll put you on my friends list and you'll be able to see a list of other places I've hidden eggs. :)

Is that really it?! Are you crazy?!

haha.. maybe! But it's more like at Christmas when you are happy to give a gift to someone and see them get excited about it. That's why I require you to make a video of yourself finding it.
It's fun for me too!

What got you started doing this?

If you know what a geocache is, or geocaching, I got the idea from that. A sort of high-tech treasure hunt using a GPS. The "treasure" for geocaching is usually cheapo stuff, and the fun is really in the "hunt"! - so, of course, to make THIS more interesting... what BETTER treasure than FREE MONEY!